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Web: Did Social Media End the Résumé?

July 11 2012

A story on CNN.com asks if social media made the paper résumé obsolete? One staffing firm quoted said they don’t have anyone coming in with a paper résumé. For the story, click here.


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Steve Kenda07/11/2012 02:28 pm

Before the automobile, people romanced on horseback. After the car came along, they romanced in the back seat. People adapt to technology, but they don't change their basic desire to keep things as personalized as possible. The firm you referenced may not be receiving paper resumes, but I'll bet plenty via email.

Filling in the blanks arranged by someone else just doesn't sit right with most of us. In fact, you may see more push back as time goes on as people want less and less to do with 'depersonalized' approaches to the job market. Video has a future, as do, imho, resumes.

Full disclosure, I run a company that parses (extracts) resumes for job boards, ATSs, and staffing companies, and believe me when I tell you, there are still millions and millions of 'em out there. ;-)

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