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California firms warned over 'Labor Compliance Office' scam

September 16 2013

A warning went out to firms in California over demands for payment being sent by a company that bills itself as the “Labor Compliance Office.” The California Department of Industrial Relations issued the warning on Friday.

“This group is not authorized by the state of California to issue citations or charge fees on our behalf,” said Department Director Christine Baker. “Workplace postings can be downloaded from our website at no charge.”

Notices sent by the Los Angeles-based company seek payment of a $275 processing fee for labor-related postings. However, The “Labor Compliance Office” is not a government agency and not affiliated with the Labor Commissioner’s office, which is also known as the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.

"It’s a scam when an entity adopts a name meant to suggest some legitimate authority, and tries to cheat employers out of their hard-earned money,” said Labor Commissioner Julie Su. “All of our deputies clearly identify themselves and carry their business cards. We do not collect money for citations or violations on the spot, and there is no charge for any materials we require to be posted in the workplace.”


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Jennifer01/28/2016 03:23 pm

I recently received this notice, stamped with FINAL NOTICE across the top in red (mailed 12/9/15). I will tell you, the following were our red flags regarding this piece of paper:

1: It was mailed to our physical address, not our mailing address. We do not have a way to receive mail here so that in itself was questionable.

2: It says "Reply by: NOW DUE" ---- You would think a business like this would give you a deadline.

3: There is no phone number to call. There is ALWAYS a number to contact in matters of legal business because people ALWAYS have questions regarding these matters.

4: Our office HAS posters posted and nobody has been in to check on them. NOT.A.SINGLE.PERSON.

In addition, our amount "due" was $104. Looks like these crazy people are wanting more money. My guess is that less people are falling for this scam.

Pau_Smithfr01/19/2016 05:26 pm

I also received this notice!

It was a menacing letter from CA HUMAN RESOURCES COMPLIANCE (915 L Street, Suite C-406 Sacramento, CA 95814) requesting $94 - Failure to comply with 2015 labor requirements may lead to government fines and/or audits.

It said on the letter that it was the FINAL NOTICE (whereas I had never received a previous one) and that I needed to reply NOW.

I was about to write the check when I decided to check this up on the internet. I am glad I found this website.

Thanks for sharing.


Angela 01/19/2016 05:19 pm

Same thing as everyone else! I am so glad I did my research! How do you have no way of contacting. There has been so many scams this past two years. I am so thankful for the internet!


Erin01/12/2016 03:46 pm

Hey I also received a notice.

My fee said $74

CA HUMAN RESOURCES COMPLIANCE 915 L Street, Suite C-406 Sacramento, CA 95814

So glad I found this site.


neko 01/06/2016 02:25 pm

WOW I got one of these notices too and got online at work to try and locate a website or phone number to correct the situation. I'm glad I took the time to investigate. My good elderly neighbor just got scammed over the holidays for $1200 by a man claiming to be a sheriff deputy that called her stating that she was getting fined for not showing up for jury duty. My dear friend started to panic when hearing she could be incarcerated, so she jumped into her car driving to four different walgreens trying to locate a PayPal Visa card that she could purchase deposit $600 into then give this stranger the pin number on the back. This fellow kept her on the phone the whole time then told her the card didn't work to get another one so she did. I stopped by her house to offer to assemble her Christmas tree and that's when she told me that she would not be celebrating xmas this year due to being a victim of this scam. It broke my heart she was real good friends of my grandparents who are deceased. :[

Greg01/05/2016 01:45 pm

Same story. It looks official, but the Final Notice and lack of contact information seemed suspicious. Still, if I hadn't found this site, I might have just paid it. I filed a postal fraud complaint online at USPS. I hope they'll do something about it.

Mine asked for just $84 to be sent to:
915 L Street, Suite C-406
Sacramento, CA 95814

Rather not say

Debbie01/03/2016 09:14 pm

Same as all the rest, I just received FINAL NOTICE, never having received any others. Required $104 for 2015. I have no employees or posters so it seemed a little suspicious, I suspect they may send you a wad of posters in return for the "fine". I do wonder why the State doesn't shut these people down-this is FRAUD!

Nonie Writes, noniedoodles, Nonie Cooks

Norma Jean Thornton01/01/2016 10:56 pm

Newly self-employed Author, with no employees, received same as
the others, but mine was only $74.

Too much of it looked phoney, with no phone or EMail, so I went to
the location where the guard at the desk informed me it was a scam.