Mom Was Right—It Pays to be Nice

In our recent survey of more than 4,000 temporary workers, we asked them to rate their staffing firms on pay, benefits, communication and a number of other factors. Separately, we then asked them how likely they would be to recommend their staffing firm to a friend or colleague.  You might think that those most satisfied with their pay and benefits would be the ones most likely to endorse their agencies.  After all, it’s all about money, right?

Not right. The temps with the plump pay and great benefits were not the ones most eager to give the staffing agencies a reference. The most enthusiastic approvals came from those workers who simply felt they had a good personal relationship with their agency. “My staffing firm is polite to me” or “I have a good relationship with my recruiter” were responses that revealed a sense of trust. This is in turn provided them a comfort level that translated to loyalty and willingness to recommend.

Recommendations are good as gold.  So are happy temp workers who return for more work.  What does it cost to make temps feel appreciated?  Mostly it’s just about creating a culture of appreciation.  That’s not expensive.

Remember what your mother said? Be nice to others and they will be nice to you. She was right once again.


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