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Eight CW Changes to Look Out For in 2013

As 2012 draws to a close, the editorial team and I sat down to review the year and help you get started on the right foot in 2013. And no we are not dispensing the usual advice how to lose weight or have a better work life balance. Here’s a sneak peek into what 2013 will bring for you – contingent workforce managementwise.

Expect increased prices. Staffing Industry Analysts forecasts a 6 percent industry revenue growth rate next year. We’re no longer in a recession.  Forget bargain-hunting. That’s over, as is easily finding skilled talent. Expect to pay competitive prices for your contingents.

Refined market. You have grown in sophistication. CWM is a profession and here to stay. Suppliers, contingents, technology, CW models, have all evolved as the market has grown. Do your due diligence. There is a chance that you might be switching to a vendor neutral model or even bringing the program back in-house.

VMS move. If you don’t have a VMS, you may be looking to get one especially if your company’s contingent workforce spend is over $10 million and you use contingents in many locales, globally. Talk to peers before you decide on going this route.

Going RPO. Your HR counterpart could turn to you for RPO guidance for certain skill sets and functions. We see greatly increased activity in this segment: more staffing firms are looking to offer it and more buyers are using recruitment process outsourcing. But it’s not for everyone. Look before you leap.

Compliance check. The federal focus on independent contractor compliance should have you and your company establish a compliance program (if you haven’t already). Contractors are a must-have resource for many companies, but make sure you are doing it right. Those well ahead of the game, concentrate on auditing your IC relationships.

SOW. If you are not already talking SOW, you will be. Many companies have brought spend for these statement of work consultants under their CW program. SIA’s VMS/MSP competitive Landscape reports a substantial amount of increase in SOW spend, going through both the VMS and MSP. Visibility into SOW spend could offer tremendous opportunity for savings.

C-suite connection. Make sure you are in touch with your sponsor. If you don’t have one (due to departures or org changes), now is the time to woo the right executive individual to be yours. They can be great change and PR agents. Approval from the top tells employees “this is the way it should be.”

Trend alert. Our esteemed analysts at SIA are asking folks to watch out for payrolling and online staffing as tomorrow’s trends. I would read up on those!

What do you think is coming? Comment below.


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