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Best Staffing Firms to Work For Can be Your Best Suppliers Too

Why are companies clamoring to be on the top of a Best Places to Work list?

Staffing firms win. It’s an honor, yes, but it’s not just about the prestige. The true business value is the low employee turnover and high customer retention. Over the last decade, a ton of research has corroborated the positive benefits of treating employees well. High on the list is the fact that taking care of internal workers helps outperform the competition. And you don’t even have to win to receive seven times more résumés than your opponents.

And if that’s not incentive enough, try improved credibility with customers, increased profits and a chance to gain some well-deserved media recognition. Our April issue of Staffing Industry Review features the winners of this year’s Best Staffing Firms to Work For contest.  

Staffing buyers win too. And there are lessons there for buyers of staffing services as well. The secret to a great workplace is simple: trust. Buyers can get a look at the winners and get a feel of the agency’s culture. Partnering with a vendor that takes care of its workers bodes well for business for both entities.

Customers of some of this year’s winners shared their experiences with our editorial staff about working with a Best Staffing Firm to Work For. They say the distinction is evident in the positive attitude and drive, which carries forward to how they provide the service in the first place.

 How does that lead to more business? These clients turn to staffing firms like this first when they have a critical need.

 Here’s a peek at what employers are doing for their workers, and no, it’s not all about gourmet food, laundry services or exotic trips.

  • Listening carefully to workers
  • Training and career development
  • Flexible work schedule
  • An open door policy by managers and executives
  • Close C-suite involvement
  • Empowered to act

We salute the winners and finalists. And for those staffing firms that didn’t enter the contest, take a shot at it next year. Just participating in the Best Places to Work For survey helps you win brownie points with your workers and that triggers a positive, cascading effect that impacts the bottom line.


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