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Riding the IT Staffing Growth Wave

The IT market has been on a steady growth path and our research indicates that it will continue to outperform other segments of staffing for a few years to come. Unless there is a glitch in the global economy, this boom should keep booming.

However, I would caution against complacency. Let me explain why.

First the good news -- Our Staffing Industry Pulse Survey results show that the IT staffing segment:... More

Staffing’s technology spend lags, but why is this important?

Research from Staffing Industry Analysts shows that compared to other industries, technology spend in the staffing industry is below average both as a percentage of revenue and per full-time equivalent employee. A global average across all industries, according to Gartner, is 4.5 percent.

So why is this important for the staffing industry? After all, technology is but a tool. How we use it and implement... More