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Are you paid enough?

Would you like to know? At last, we can offer a bit of help with that question. In our latest annual staffing firm survey, we asked respondents to give their annual compensation, and over 500 executives obliged.

As it turns out, staffing industry pay is not bad at all.

For instance, sales executives (VP, EVP, etc.) earn median total compensation of $143K. Even among sales executives at small staffing firms, with less than $25MM in revenue, three-quarters of such people make $83K or more.

CEOs at large firms are naturally the highest paid, and branch managers the least. The full detail of typical salary ranges is available here.

In a separate report, we also recently detailed compensation for the very highest-paid executives at publicly-held staffing firms.

You may, in the course of looking through these reports, discover that your pay is on the low side for what you do, in which case feel free to share the reports within your organization. On the other hand, if your salary appears to be high, well, mum's the word.


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