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What's under the union label? Sometimes it's a temp.

The image of the earnest union protester seeking redress from maltreatment, an image won often at a heroic price in years past, is being tarnished by the recent practice of using low-paid non-union temporary workers as union protesters.
This may have come to a peak in a recent Daily Show episode, in which a union protesting Wal-mart for paying just minimum wage with no benefits was challenged to explain... More

Forget Websters. There is no dictionary definition for insourcing.

Before Rome burned, it was probably first besieged by acronyms. Indeed, for all I know, confusion brought on by the arcane language of specialist bureaucrats may have set the initial blaze.

But thanks to the Staffing Industry Analysts lexicon of staffing and contingent management terminology, history need not repeat itself. Our staff has composed definitions, clear and precise, for over two hundred... More