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Quiet M&A boom or business as usual?

Lately, people have been asking if we know how many staffing firms are going out of business.  The answer is we don't know precisely, but we do have some idea thanks to our new monthly staffing survey.

Staffing firms generally don't announce or advertise business closure.  Instead, they quietly sell themselves to a surviving competitor.  When these sales are large, the acquirer often... More

Where staffing isn't plummeting

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum, the 2009 Executive Forum, that is.

In the course of putting together a presentation on some of our recent research, 'Research Ideas to Fight the Tide,' I mapped out some data we generated regarding staffing growth by metro area.  I wanted to show where in the U.S. staffing industry growth was relatively strong, by which I mean, of course, not going... More