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Gold in IT niches?

We just released this year's Fastest-Growing Staffing Firms list.  In all, 44 firms made the cut, each generating compound annual organic growth of 15% or more between the years 2005 and 2009.

The most striking common denominator was IT.  Sixty-percent of these fast-growing firms said it was their top segment, typically generating a majority of their revenue.

Of course, the IT segment as a... More

Offshore recruiter for $800 a month!

That was the header in an email I received recently.  The email indicated that my name came up during a search for leading staff augmentation firms.  I don't have a staff augmentation firm, but I take it as a compliment that if I did have one it would be presumed to be leading, even though that presumption was part of a bulk email.  One must get one's compliments where one can.

All that... More

The butler didn't do it…it was locums!

There I was, innocently reading the Dover Thrift Edition of "Victorian Tales of Terror," when suddenly, like a phantom in the night, contingent labor cast its shadow over me as I turned a page and read...

"Bring one of your best men, and come with me to the haunted mill.  But first let me exact from you a pledge of honor that, if our journey should result in nothing, you will keep... More