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Time to stick it to staffing firms?

At last, staffing buyers have staffing firms at their mercy.  The economy is in shambles.  Staffing firms are cutting internal staff and offices.  Many such firms, mom & pop outfits especially, will go under in 2009.  Competition for the now shrinking pie of staffing business is fierce.  This is the best opportunity in years for staffing buyers to finally stick it to their... More

Our 2009 Staffing Firm Survey is Underway--$3,000 in Prizes

Want to know what other staffing firms are charging for temp-to-hire conversions?  How they calculate temp wage rates?  How about what fees they pay for VMS and how much of their revenue flows through VMS? 

Want to know if you should be using e-Verify how many of your competitors are?  How about what other staffing firms doing in response to the downturn? 

Or maybe you'd like... More