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Warning: SUTA geniuses at work in state labor departments

We are doing some research right now on expected 2010 increases in state unemployment taxes, and it's looking pretty scary. In Florida, for instance, the minimum annual rate for unemployment taxes rises to $100.30 per full-time employee in 2010 from the current rate of $8.40. The maximum annual rate will go to $459 from $378. 

Needless to say, staffing firms are very concerned how higher... More

I know you're not independent contractor compliant

The next time you want to give a fright to your human resource department (and who doesn't?), call them up with a handkerchief over the receiver, breathe heavily and say "I know you're not independent contractor compliant." The odds are you'll be right, and in the current legal environment few things are more fraught with danger.

In our recent 2009 Contingent Buyer Survey, we asked buyers... More