What Really Happened at CWS Summit and CW Risk - Quotes from the Twittersphere

If you were unable to attend, and didn’t reach out into the twittersphere, here is a recap of the 2012 CW Risk and CWS Summit that occurred last week in San Diego.  A big thank you to all those who tweeted.  We appreciate you providing your insights and observations about the conferences.  The tweets are copied directly from the feed, and are unedited, with the exception of the tweeter’s name being removed.  So forgive spelling and mistyping’s.  We think this gives a great overview of the two conferences.  Enjoy!

Qualcomm wins the Case Study contest, congrats! #cws12

When expanding borders need to be respectful of existing relations when bringing on a VMS #cws12

Need to establish global classifications for employees & non-employees when expanding borders #cws12

Year one & year two with MSP you drive most cost out, after that soft costs #cws12

An #MSP gives you one throat to choke. #cws12

AT&T has an in-grown #VMS & #MSP but will move to outsourced VMS solution soon. #cws12

Suppliers need to ask clients the tough questions. Believe it or not they welcome it. #cws12

"Analytics is more than just data. Follow your intuition as you explore your data." Excellent insight from SVP David Pesante! #cws12

Treat data as a product. Some great suggestions from Beeline SVP David Pesante in room 306AB. #cws12

RT SVP David Pesante Explains analytics is "continous exploration" and not just data #cws12

RT Despite economic issues, United States still the innovative leader of the world. #cws12

Emerging markets driving 3.5 billion new customers in the world #cws12

China is under going its once in a decade change. New leader successful provisional governor #cws12

 In yesterday's social media panel more than 50% of attendees' company's block access to social media sites #cws12 yikes!

Movement of capital from developed countries to emerging economies has led to the creation of 3.5 billion new customers. #cws12

Country is deleveraging due to personal, business & govt debt #cws12

Healthcare in US is the size of the GDP of France #cws12

Gov Jon Huntsman said regardless of who wins in the upcoming elections, we will be pulling out of the funk we are in. #cws12

SIA buyer survey: only 3% of respondents noted they use #online_web#staffing services such as #Elance, #Odesk. #cws12

Gov Huntsman, numbers of people who turn out & vote is pathetic. Appeals to all to get out & do something #cws12

Gov Huntsman just said barrier to entry for running for President are low, got a good laugh #cws12

Told you process mapping was going to be fun - go Guacamole at #cws12 with Jeannee of 3M and Ben of Brightfield Strategies

Ben of Brightfield advises Post-Its for process mapping & use a facilitator #cws12#ilovepost-its

Process map provides baseline map for #CW_program geographic expansion. #cws12

Top procurement issues at #cws12 Driving compliance Defining cost savings Creating an MSP internal or external Creating the ROI for VMS

BMS on Light Industrial at #cws12 says success in IT drove successful expansion to manufacturing using hybrid MSP and Master Vendor model

@TAPFIN Amy Huddlestone "proof of concept and metrics are key to any successful social media recruitment plan" #cws12

DHL advises #cws12 attendees on Light Industrial to know where your trouble areas are and use momentum from success in other areas to expand

@TAPFIN Amy Huddletstone -"video games now a useful recruitment tool." #cws12

@TAPFIN Amy Huddlestone explaining MSPs reinventing value prop by utilizing by social media recruitment strategies #cws12

IQN client Caterpillar went live with 5 phases in 3 countries within first 12 months, at 3,500 workers now and much more to go! #cws12

Dell has 9 MSP program's around the globe #cws12

The Case Study Contest at CWS 2012 Summit was a great idea. Very impressive stories of success from all the entrants. #CWS12

Lesson 3 of #cws12 Roundtable "get the most out of your VMS" - don't just automate what you do today, use VMS provider knowledge to improve

Lesson 2 of #cws12 Roundtable "get the most out of your VMS" -have VMS partnership (separate contract) and not just thru MSP

Lesson 1 of #cws12 Roundtable "get the most out of your VMS" - be smart about integrations..know what IT projects are in flight @BeelineCWS

Qualcomm: perm, #contingent, #intern worker management in one system. #cws12

Qualcomm has 100 suppliers in their VMS #cws12

Qualcomm has an immigration specialist on their internal CW program mgmt team #cws12

70% of Qualcomm's CW labor is technology #cws12

Successful clients make us proud - 30% of finalists for best case studies for contingent workforce are IQN clients! #cws12

K12, a tech-based education company deploys innovative solution, reduced bill rates, provided visibility and scalability. #cws12

IQN clients UPS and K12 are case-study finalists at #cws12, both tout cost savings, process efficiency/speed, global rollouts.

Freescale uses contingent labor largely for highly technical engineer positions #cws12

UPS has 3-4000 daily assignments in contingents #cws12

UPS 46% of their contingent labor is light/heavy industrial #cws12

Freescale used auction to drop markup #cws12 saved over 30%

Freescale uses contingent labor largely for highly technical engineer positions #cws12

 #cws12 roundtables on international expansion were oversubscribed! Drivers are global workforce visibility, compliance, and cost control.

20% of all workers in Switzerland are foreign workers #cws12

Eli Lily gets 100% response on its worker quality survey #cws12

Worker quality critical for Eli Lily #CW program success. #cws12

#CWS summit case study finalists: Eli Lily, Novartis, Freescale, UPS, K12 and Qualcomm. #cws12

#SOW round table very popular. #cws12

Big thanks to #SIA and #PopulusGroup for a great workforce summit #cws12. Enjoying time with clients and building new friendships.

"The Alphabet of Agencies & Legislation That Affect Your CW Risk." got me thinking about our background check & screening guidelines #cws12

 States are short $4 trillion to pay unemployment benefits as of 2011. #cws12

Technology is only as good as the process behind it. Parallel: data is only as good as the analysis #cws12

Without some controls, manager can classify a worker as they wish - dangerous #cws12

Things to think about, who has access to your company assets? Where are they? Onsite? Offsite? #cws12

Are you using technology to manage risk? #cws12

SIAsurvey: buyers expect to not absorb costs of healthcare reform. At the same time, suppliers don't expect to cover costs either. #cws12

Are your #contractors performing the same tasks as your #employees. Red flag. #cws12

NY 2010 over 18k misclassified employees, 314 m in lost taxes #cws12

Written up-to-date contracts with ICs a must. #cws12

Term limits/ tenure policies alone do little to protect companies that use contingent labor from Co-employment risks. #cws12

#Background checks: In many states you can't refuse to hire someone based on arrest records. #cws12

Massachusetts is a hot bed of anti-staffing laws #cws12

Massachusetts is a hot bed of anti-staffing laws #cws12

Who's going to pay for SUTA? Suppliers want to pass costs on to the buyer. #cws12

Because of AFC act, likely that corporations will put IC's thru staffing agencies #cws12

In states that don't enact Medicare expansion, there are taxes on corporations who use staffing #cws12

Affordable care act single most important on social legislation #cws12

India 3rd largest #MSP market in terms of spend..#cws12

#Interns are inherently #contingent _workers. Should be part of your program. #cws12

Temp employment penetration via staffing firms 1.89%. 1999 levels. #Staffing#cws12

8% unemployment rate not expected to go down substantially. #SIA#cws12

Process mapping is crucial to the 3M #CW_program. #cws12

Have an immigration attorney on your #CW_team. Helps get better diverse #talent. #cws12


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