What I Learned on Twitter from Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum

Since we spent a lot of time talking about social media, whether for recruiting, branding or communicating about your staffing firm, I thought I would share what I learned from Twitter about Executive Forum.  Below are actual tweets that were sent during the conference.  I think you will enjoy some of the comments, but hopefully you will learn a thing or two from all of those who tweeted during the conference. 

Thank you to all of our tweeters!  We have only edited spelling errors and grammar for clarification.  Also, in some instances we are missing the direct quotes, and there were direct quotes in many of these tweets, please forgive the lack of attribution.

And the tweets begin:

Asking recruiters to go after passive candidates and then worrying about them spending time on social media is crazy.

If your brand matters to you don't hand off social media to your nephew or your intern.

Just got back from @execforum#ef12. Lot's of great discussion around social, mobile and cloud. What's next?

LinkedIn is disruptive technology but doesn't replace value of recruiters to assess candidates & assess culture fit.

You win by listening to your talent and client stories and telling stories yourself.

1999 job boards will destroy us, 2005 VMS will kill us, 2012 linked next enemy? Good recruiters find ways to win.

87% of staffing agencies are using improperly classified workers.

For recruiters if you are not socially connected, staffing companies might not hire you.

Social media should be used as a community building platform, it shouldn't be all about pushing content or posting your jobs.

How to keep recruiters from "screwing around" on #SocialMedia? 1. Hire right people 2. Manage to results 3. Stop worrying about it.

When using social media for recruiting, match content format to generational preferences of the candidate.

Hot topic at this year's #ef12: clients pushing to make #VMS a system of record.

SOW still a green field. Opportunity for staffing firms.

Semantic search, the cloud allow the recruiter/staffing industry to find the most relevant candidate with speed and focus on culture fit.

Have to figure out where your candidates are, in order to pick the right channel for sources, that still includes job boards.

Using technology to drive business - unified communications - connecting all devices using cloud technology.

Couldn't agree more with Michael Whitmer of Hudson. Cloud is certainly not overrated but is definitely an overused word.

Set your technology focus and prioritization based on business strategy and reality of budget, go out and use specific vendors.

It is critical for our industry to develop more standardization for efficiencies, especially, with the growing predominance of VMS.

Good point in CIO panel re: keeping candidate data fresh. Must be given good focus as with sourcing.

Social media is a great tool and channel for talent sourcing /client engagement but staff need to know how to appropriately use it.

Danger of app store, it's easy to damage your reputation by doing a poor app.

Social media should drive people to your website...your website should not drive people to other sites where they can't convert!

There's no VMS for social media in staffing.

Businesses can profit by making customers feel sense of belonging - sounds like great opportunity to improve candidate relationships.

How could staffing firms tap the power of collaboration to better serve employers and job seekers?

LinkedIn is a really great tool used really poorly by 140 out of 150 million people!

When you hear complaints via social media it gives you the opportunity to respond & resolve "staffing magic."

Strange that staffing is all about people n yet as an industry we don't invest in building a human experience with our brand thru social.

Involve HR, Finance & Legal in how you design your social media strategy these are new channels to collect information

Good point that our customers want to have relationship managers make key decisions as opposed to deal with exec team.

Listening to how velocity requirements are hurting the staffing process. #ef12. Speed kills. :)

Good to great suppliers make it happen.

True transformation comes from teams with intellectually and emotionally engaged people.

Access to talent will be the determinant of success.

Risk mitigation will be a driver of buyers buying staffing services.

Legal nightmare: treating people badly, leads to lawsuits.

“A small group of people can change the world; in fact it is the only thing that has.” Margaret Mead

The difference between average and world class are the little things you do for your client...how does your team wow???

Engaged, more productive teams based on goal setting, communication, trust, accountability.

Jeff Rosensweig, economist says: staffing firms who are doing planning should plan for growth, but 2% growth.

Use goal setting to manage your business so as you grow, you know where you want to be.

Don't keep vendors in the dark. Vendor contact key to a good program.

Rise of total talent management - almost 80% of CEO's planning on changing the way they manage talent.

47% of CEOs are confident of growing over 30 years - only 30% feel they have the talent needed for growth.

Buyers using more contingent workers. Projected median share in 2015 --15 % up from 10 percent in 2010.


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