What I Learned at Executive Forum - March 2010 Marketing Blog

Well if you weren’t there, we had a great Executive Forum. The speakers were some of the best we ever had. I wanted to offer you a couple of tidbits I learned.

1. From Chester Elton – praise effort, reward success. Too often we reward effort. Something to think about, this isn’t little league, everyone doesn’t get to play
2. In the staffing industry, you don’t make business up with volume
3. 76 – 80% of all staffing business is repeat business – word to the wise, take care of your existing customers
4. From Alan Beaulieu – staffing firms should lead with optimism and spend more on marketing and advertising – maybe this will free up some budget for all of you
5. From Geoff Colvin – understand your strategic competitive advantage – hint you need to look no further than the people working for you

We missed you at the market panel

We had a great group, with great questions and answers from the audience. The highlights from the marketing panel were:

1. When doing social networking a. understand your audience, b. have a plan, c. train your staff and d. execute all the time. Once you are in, you need to be consistent
2. Social networking can take you down a path you may not be prepared to go down, so decide your path, meaning what platform, learn from your staff and what they are doing, create rules that everyone can live with and have a voice
3. The group was mixed on Facebook versus Linked In or Facebook and Linked In – find where your customers are and use what they are using is the answer
4. Websites need to be updated regularly and should include valuable content to the user
5. The majority of staffing companies in a Staffing Industry Analysts survey said they were going to spend money on their websites, make the investment count and not just brochureware
6. When updating or re-doing your website we learned a. have a plan, b. have executive buy-off, c. understand the budget implications, d. have an owner who is responsible for coordinating with all parties, e. get outside help if you need it, f. make sure you have the site that works for your company and your customers and prospects
7. There are many ways to do lead generation the keys are: a. have a plan, b. know what you are measuring so you can determine success, c. if you are using premiums make sure they support your brand and your campaign d. information, white papers, etc. are generally good draws for lead generation
8. Marketing is integrated all of the above work in conjunction with the other
9. The big themes: HAVE A PLAN, COMMUNICATE THE PLAN AND MEASUREFor those of you who joined us at Executive Forum, thank you for your support. We hope to see those of you who didn’t attend next year!


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