Have you been to Starbucks lately? - July 2010 Marketing Blog

I was recently on vacation and I read an article how coffeehouses are being used as informal networking centers for the unemployed. That people are getting together to share resumes, to share information on who is hiring and who is not and to make connections with other people. This led me to wonder are recruiters going to Starbucks? Maybe contingent worker recruiting should be taken out of the office and off the phone and into Starbucks, Peet's, Seattle's Best and other coffeehouses around the country.

Maybe recruiters should use Meetup.com and set up meetups at the coffeehouses to introduce themselves to prospects and see if these informal setting could be more formal. I did a search on Meetup.com to see how many groups were near where I live; there are 10 job seeker meetups within 10 miles of where I live. I imagine if I expanded my search I would find more groups.Imagine the marketing opportunity to get your brand out co-branded informally with Starbucks or Peet's. It might be a good investment to buy some coffee, if it turns out you meet high quality job seekers over coffee. In my search on Meetup.com, I didn't see any meetups from recruiters who were trying to find prospects. I could see the Java coder meet up or the accountant meetup sponsored by appropriate staffing companies. So my thought, bring your coffee cup, your computer and sit in Starbucks and meet up with those who might end up being great candidates for your bench.Better recruiting takes on a greater personal meaning for Staffing Industry Analysts, because I have ranted about our inability to get the quality of telemarketing temps that we are looking for. The folks in the marketing department really believe that there are people out there who would do a great job for us, but the staffing agencies that we are working with really haven't delivered the goods. So we are going to take matters into our own hands, we are going to do our own recruiting.We will make it clear to the candidates that they have to sign up with a staffing agency, but since the agencies aren't recruiting the candidates we desire, we are taking our own advice and taking it out on the road. I will let you know how it goes. I am assuming we are going to do a better job than the staffing companies have.Staffing companies, pay attention -- I am sure many of you do a great job of recruiting candidates. But some of you might do a better job, at least in our case. Maybe your recruiting messages are falling on deaf ears? Maybe you need to get out and change your message to candidates? Maybe the message needs to be how being a continent worker is an opportunity not a last resort!So get out to where the prospects are, and do some better recruiting!


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