February's Marketing Blog - Why You Should Come to Staffing Industry Analysts' 2009 Executive Forum

I Have The Blues

I know it doesn't matter much to all of you, but I have had a cold, just like many of you.  The weather is awful.  Just like many of you are experiencing, I get calls every day from friends and former colleagues looking for work.  It's exhausting.  It is hard to put a smile on my face and just get on with the day sometimes.  Then I pull out a page from that sage of advice and support, Oprah and ask myself what I am grateful for.  Well, I am grateful for my job and colleagues, both of whom are pretty great.  I am grateful for many things small and large and many people who are in my life and I know I just have to get on with things.  And one of those things that I have to get on with is this year's Executive Forum.

Conferences are a lot of Work

Just in case you were wondering, putting on a conference is an incredible amount of work.  And this year is no exception, in fact, it is a little harder.  This year's Executive Forum is a little harder, because many of you are wondering why you should come.  After all, you are trying to set an example for your employees, and travel bans are travel bans.  You are trying to reduce expenses and are preaching 'no, non-essential expenditures.'  Gosh, I so get it, because we at Staffing Industry Analysts are doing the exact same thing.  But fact of the matter is, the Executive Forum is a place where you do work, where you get work, and where you can better position you company for the future, so don't skip the Executive Forum, because you are missing a lot.

Things to Think About for Executive Forum 

  1. If you wondering how you justify coming to the Executive Forum announce to your staff, that yes, your company does have a travel ban, but the company cannot miss attending Executive Forum.  Explain to the staff that you are going, and that upon your return, you are going to meet with everyone to discuss what the company is going to do differently as a result of attending the conference.
  2. Consider sending a designate.  You feel you need to stay home and mind the store, send your next most senior executive.  Again, make it clear that even though you have imposed restrictions, it is so important to see what is going on in the industry that someone else is going to the Executive Forum
  3. Are you selling you company, or thinking about it?  Well, as stated in this months Staffing Industry Report, 148 firms are buying and what a better place to make a connection, than at Executive Forum.  Many of those buying companies will be there.  On top of that, many of the M&A advisors will also be there, and they can help you.
  4. Are you worried about the economy and how it is going to affect your business?  You can read the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and all of the financial news on the Web.  But no one is talking about the economy and how it relates to staffing.  You will only hear that at the Executive Forum.
  5. It is not business as usual, nor is the Executive Forum the same as usual.  We have made several changes to this year's conference.  First four tracks:  Surviving, Local, Emerging Markets and Sales and Marketing.  Second, note the roundtables are on the first day, in the first morning.  We know you would want to meet, network and discuss so we made it first.  Third, we know sales are more important than ever, to help you, we are bringing corporate buyers from some of the largest companies (Think Abbot Labs, Astra Zeneca, Dell, Accenture, Corning, just to name a few) to meet you, discuss their needs with you and give you the opportunity to sell to them.  And finally, we are bringing all of you back together at the end of the forum to discuss the best ideas you received.  So, if you are worried about what you are going to say to your staff at the end of the conference, we will help you put it all together on the very last day.

Selfishly, I Need you to Sign Up

Here is the real deal; I know many of you read my monthly blog regularly.  So if you looked at the Executive Forum agenda, you will know that I am moderating a panel on Marketing.  I need people to show up for that panel discussion.  If you sit out the Executive Forum, you can't show up at my panel, there will be no one there, and well, I will be a failure.  So my success is directly linked to you signing up - the five loyal readers of this blog.  Those few people who care about marketing, sign up and show up, I need you!

See you at Executive Forum! Please......


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