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I am sitting in my city library writing requirements for our new website. You might ask why I am in library and not in my office, well, sometimes you cannot focus in the office. The phone rings, your colleagues come in and ask questions, email keeps popping up, I can’t think. So I thought I would work from home. Then the dog barks, the mailperson comes, the phone rings, email keeps popping up, so I went to the library. I like the library it makes me want to be smarter than I am. All of that information, in all of those books waiting for me to open and explore. For the most part the library is quiet; people have come here to do whatever they are doing: use the computer, read stock information, browse travel books, read the newspaper, it feels comfortable and it’s been a good place for me to write.

So since I was writing requirements, I thought I would write this month’s blog and ask you what you would like to see new from us. It is a new year, our website has largely been unchanged for the last three years and we are beginning to plan for the next three years. I have collected information from my colleagues, I have talk to a couple of customers, but I haven’t reached out to all of you – so what do you want?

Maybe it is a bit better if I tell you what I am thinking about and you can tell me if you like that or not. You can give me some ideas about what you would like and it doesn’t even have to be anything about what I am thinking about.

So here goes.

Personalized home page

When you log in, you will see the information you have selected to be on that page. The news, research, webinars, topics that are important to you.

Social media

Easy access to our tweets, the ability to post something on stumbleupon, or Digg. The ability to share articles and information.  This is a little restricted since in order the share, the other person would have to be a member, but we can figure this out

Top content

See the most accessed content on our site for that day. Whether it is news, a hot new report or the latest webinar, see what your peers are reading.

Sponsored content

Yes we do sell advertising and sponsored content might be an ability to see something from a vendor that you might otherwise not have had the opportunity to receive or know about.

Better search

We should have fixed search a long time ago, we know it needs to be better, but I really would like to know the most important search features for you. Is it simply replicated Google’s search or do you think we need to do something more. This is an important one, so let me hear you on this one.

More/better images

We have heard our site is a bit dull and pictures and graphs might make reading and understanding the data better – what do you think?

Blog categories

Right now all of our blogs go into a central repository and you read them in chronological order. Is that okay, or would you rather them categorized? Do you want to be able to write your own blog on our site or are responding to our blogs good enough?

Anything more?

You can now see a little about what I have been thinking about, please give me your feedback. You can reach me at hchalew@staffingindustry.com or simply reply to this blog. I would love to hear from you about this, or anything else that you care to share. 

Thank you to those of you who told me what you are looking for at the Executive Forum Marketing Panel, if anyone else wants to add any more ideas about that, I would like to hear about those as well.

Happy New Year!! Let’s hope that 2010 is much better than 2009.


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