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Getting Great Contingent Help - July's Marketing Blog

Last year I ranted on about poor temporary help, this year I want to rave. As I have talked about before, we live and breathe our own advice ' we hire and use temporary labor. Our business, like many is highly cyclical and when we are in critical demand mode, we hire temporary labor to fulfill all kinds of roles in marketing. We use temporary labor for making calls; we use temporary help for design, copywriting and editing.

I would like to thank our current contingent worker for the great job she is doing, and thank our staffing agency for recommending her to us. Sandy shows up early to work every day, she has a great attitude and does the job we need her to do with great aplomb. She has made recommendations about changing some things and generally cares that we are successful in our mission. What more could any employer want in a contingent worker?

Things Are Working Out This Time

I think things are working better, because we are better. We understand the role better, the challenges better and have learned who is going to work and who is not going to work. Sandy was not the first contingent worker we had in this role. The person prior worked for a couple of days and we decided he wasn't the right person for the job. He just couldn't get started and didn't seem to enjoy the work. We replaced him immediately -- another thing we did better. Instead of trying to make someone work, we let him go until another person could be found. It was truly better to be without someone doing the work, than someone doing substandard work. We measure success. We get reports from Sandy about the work she is doing. How many calls she has made? How many people she has talked to? We collect her feedback regarding the conversations. This way she knows that what she is doing is important to us and that her feedback matters.

Could it be the Job Market?

The cynic in me wonders if Sandy is a better quality contingent worker because there are just better contingent workers out in the market right now. The answer is, of course this can be true, but why not take advantage of who is available right now. For the buyers of temporary labor, I have to imagine this is the very best time to use contingents. There are so many great people looking for work, many would take a short term position for the chance to become a regular employee in the future. We have heard from many buyers that one of the reasons they use temporary labor is to 'try before they buy.' This job market offers one of the very best in test drives.

Buyers ' Tell Us About Your Contingent Hiring Experiences

We would love to know the experiences that all of you are having. We think the market is great right now, do you? Are you finding people with greater depth and breadth of knowledge? Are you hoping that your budgets change so you can bring on your contingents as regular employees? Give us your feedback and we will publish the results.


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