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Report Says China Has Most Staffing Firms

Which country has the most private employment agencies?

It’s China, according to new research by Ciett, the International Confederation of Private Employment  Agencies.

China has the most private employment agencies at 49,000 in 2010, according to the report. That’s more than the three next-largest countries combined — Japan has 20,000 private employment agencies, the U.S. has 13,900 and the... More

RPO naysayers take a second look

For years, there have been those who dismissed recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) as vaporware. No longer. Much to their surprise, RPO is poised to grow as the offering has matured.

There are a number of reasons for this. The recession has tightened company budgets. Increasing headcount is no longer an easy option. What RPO in this ecosystem has going for it is that it allows users to keep... More