Andrew Karpie's Blog’s New Online Recruiting Platform. Why should we care?

I find it interesting to follow new business formation in the “staffing industry ecosystem” (consisting of staffing firms, ICMs, MSPs, VMSs, software solutions, online recruiting platforms, et al).  In most cases, a firm is formed/started-up for the purpose of doing business in one of these category segments.  So, for example, someone may choose to start a healthcare staffing firm, or... More

“Online Staffing Platform,” Elance, Reports Continuing High Growth in 2012

Elance has published its Global Online Employment Report indicating strong ongoing adoption in the online staffing segment and strong growth for the company, as businesses and workers continue to embrace this model for getting certain kinds of work done.    

The company reported that topline revenues for 2012 crossed the $200M mark,  with 2012 freelancer earnings on the platform... More

Raise Your Staffing Firm IQ: Data Insight and Intelligence Taken to a Higher Power

In early 2011, a Boston-based business intelligence/analytics start-up, InsightSquared, was launched and funded to bring best-of-breed business intelligence/analytics to SMBs, and for two years it has been making its mark by focusing predominantly on meeting those specialized needs in the staffing industry vertical.   

 In the staffing business, there are two basic reasons why we... More

Talent Rover and ADP Team-up to Bring a New Solution Offering to Staffing Firm Enterprises

I have said before that the staffing firm market for front office and enterprise solutions is and will become more dynamic (i.e., "stirred up") as new technologies (like cloud, social, mobile, big data, etc.) increasingly come to bear.  2012 was indeed an active year on many fronts.  Quite recently, for example, we have seen some M&A activity among established providers... More