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oDesk and Elance Merger: The Next Era of Online Staffing Begins

By now, various media/journalists have reiterated the contents of the Dec. 18 press release announcing the planned merger of oDesk and Elance, so I need not do that here. Besides, I am an analyst and not a reporter; and in this particular context, I am a “staffing industry analyst.” So I am going to provide my perspective on the announced merger plans within the context of that role. I spent the... More

Kelly, oDesk and the “Hybridization” of Staffing in 2013

The recently announced partnership between Kelly and oDesk is not just an isolated landmark event in the staffing industry, it is a part of a whole process of evolution and transformation — one that may alter the face and landscape of the staffing industry over the next 10 years (strengthening and bringing new growth to the industry as a whole).

While the general, incremental adoption of information... More