Andrew Karpie's Blog’s IPO Prospectus Allows a Look Under the Hood of a Large Global Online Staffing Platform Business

Since we started studying online staffing platforms in 2012, there have been a lot of questions about what is really going on in these companies? How do they compute revenues? What is their cost structure like? Even at a large scale, are they making any money, getting by, or fabulously profitable? Until now, all these platform firms have remained private (with financials under wraps). But now an event... More

The “Online Staffing/Human Cloud” Top 8 (Most Influential) List: Finding New Ways To Make Work Work

While I realize that “online staffing” and other “human cloud” platforms are not the favorite topics of everyone in the staffing industry, as a research analyst whose job it is to cover this emerging set of developments, it seemed to me that it would be informative to look into the Staffing Top 100 List and blog about how many of those 100 are also top influencers in the online staffing and... More