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oDesk Reports 2012 Gross Services Revenues of $360M; 60% Year-Over-Year Growth in Hours Worked/Billed

Yesterday, an oDesk spokesperson briefed me on the company's 2012 results and directions. oDesk is a privately-held, online staffing platform business, headquartered in Redwood City, CA.

In 2012, oDesk reported achieving a total Gross Services revenue number of approximately $360M (contractor billings plus mark-up and other revenue sources). 

The company did not report its year-over-year... More

"Online Staffing" For Staffing Firms: Etowah Launches “Online Staffing” Service Using NextCrew Platform

As a researcher of "online staffing" and other "work arrangement intermediation" platforms, I have been combing through the small jungle of this emerging set of businesses (and the different models they are pursuing).  While all of the big media attention has gone to the big global platforms like oDesk and Elance, I have tried to suggest that these models might be misleading... More