Tony Gregoire

Director of Research, North America

Tony Gregoire

Tony Gregoire is Director of Research, North America, at Staffing Industry Analysts. Tony is currently responsible for North American research for both Corporate Members and CWS Council Members. Since joining Staffing Industry Analysts in 2008, he has covered healthcare staffing and authored reports such as the US Staffing Industry Forecast and the VMS & MSP Competitive Landscape.

Tony holds an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School and passed the CFA Level III exam.

Recent Articles

Finance/Accounting staffing growth update

March 31, 2010

Generally, the recovery is a bit tepid
One of the few hot spots, mortgage services, is compressing margins
December forecast projected 8% revenue growth in 2010, risk of downgrade in April update

Healthcare staffing growth update

March 30, 2010

Slight downgrade to healthcare warranted in April's forecast update
Weak demand in anesthesia driving greater than expected locum declines
Shaky recovery in per diem nursing
Higher-skilled allied modalities recovering, signs of a bottom in travel nursing

April 2010 U.S. Staffing Industry Stock Index Snapshot

March 31, 2010

SISI up 8% for the quarter, 13 gainers, 6 decliners
Comsys up 97% for the quarter, partly driven by Manpower acquisition
Generally, larger gans in companies with greater commercial mix

Commercial staffing growth update

March 26, 2010

Industrial is the star of 2010, but what about 2020?
Margins under pressure, SUTA inherently a tax with bad timing
2010 revenue growth projection of 11%, forecast update will be released in April

SUTA analyst interview

February 25, 2010

Analyst Tony Gregoire interviewed on SUTA Tracking Tool
SUTA tracking tool shows wide variation in rates among states, and among companies within states
Rate increases disproportionately burden staffing firms more so than hikes in wage base

SUTA and FUTA: Higher unemployment taxes hitting staffing industry

February 24, 2010

SIA has designed SUTA and FUTA tracking tool to help staffing firms prepare for increases
Nine states show average 2009 SUTA tax rates above 3.0%
Increases in SUTA tax rates disproportionately burden staffing firms, less so for increases in wage base

March Update: U.S. Economic Indicators & 2010 Projections

March 8, 2010

Generally, economic indicators suggest recovery
ECRI suggests declerating growth ahead, not surprising given high 4Q09 growth
Downward march in initial unemployment claims meets resistance

February Update: U.S. Economic Indicators & 2010 Projections

February 16, 2010

Generally, economic indicators suggest robust recovery
Employment recovery lagging that of overall economy
ECRI suggests decelerating growth ahead, but no signs of double-dip

Estimate of domestic VMS and MSP markets

February 3, 2010

SIA estimates 2008 domestic spend of $43B and $34B for VMS and MSP, respectively
Accounting for duplication, we estimate total VMS/MSP spend of $45 billion
Nearly half of VMS/MSP spend is non-temp related

Temporary Staffing Long-Term Forecast, 2008-2018

February 2, 2010

  • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics releases 2018 employment projections
  • SIA base-case scenario projects 3.1 million temporary employees in 2018, $164 billion of revenue
  • U.S. temporary staffing revenue expected to more than double from 2009 to 2018, driven by volume growth, inflation, and mix shift... More