Kersten Buck

Senior Director, Global Strategic Solutions

Kersten Buck

Kersten Buck has extensive domestic and global experience in Staffing and Contingent Workforce Management. She has held executive positions in Sales, Operations, Outsourcing Solutions, Consulting, IC Compliance, Global MSP Services, and Implementations. Her hands-on practice in translating client needs to operational solutions resulted in programs with measurable results and continued improvement in reducing cost and increasing program adoption with successful supplier participation. Kersten provides strategy and analysis for both the staffing supplier and buying needs of those looking at high end outsourcing, and contract services to support Contingent Workforce Management.

Recent Articles

European Staffing Firms Eye the US

June 12, 2013

While U.S.-based staffing providers tend to expand globally in response to their customers’ needs, it is the U.S.’s economic recovery that is leading European firms to consider expanding to the U.S.

Payrolling Services: Maximizing the Benefits of Self-Sourcing

April 17, 2013

As companies turn to payrolling firms to manage their self-sourced contingents, they and their providers need to develop effective management strategies and tools.

Are You Ready to Go Global?

February 13, 2013

Taking CW programs global has been a priority for a few years now, and some companies that have gone through it are sharing their experiences for others to learn. 

Stalling VMS/MSP Spend: a Hiccup or a Trend?

February 6, 2013

Data from recent Staffing Industry Analysts surveys show spend going through VMS/MSPs has slowed after rising for several years. Is this a trend or just a bump in the road?

Setting Goals, Measuring Success

December 19, 2012

Given the end of the year, economy and all the buzz about a blended workforce, contingent workforce managers should measure what they have accomplished in 2012, how their program has contributed to the company, and what they hope to accomplish next year.

The Benefits of Incorporating SOWs

September 5, 2012

Once the new kids in town, Statement of Work (SOW) consultants are no longer something that programs are just talking about. SOW is here and gaining significant traction across programs of varying sizes and shapes. They are being included in more and more programs, creating the need to look at relevant... More

CW Managers in Demand, Pushing for Excellence

August 22, 2012

Demand for contingent workforce managers is growing, and as they come and go to new positions, they bring with them the drive and need for further education ans kills in this strategic role.

Don't Forget this Metric when Measuring Program Success

August 1, 2012

Contingent workforce programs are graded on a variety of metrics. But does scoring well in time-to-fill, cost savings and the like automatically mean your program is a success? 

Spotlight on the Rising SOW Spend

July 11, 2012

As spend on statement of work arrangements continues to grow, companies need to understand why that is in order to determine whether folding SOW into their program is the right move.

Strategy: Why the MSP’s Role Is Crucial

June 13, 2012

Making sure you and your hiring managers are familiar with the contingent worker hiring process and the managed service provider will pay off.